Faculty Directory

Main Phone: 239.337.8178 | Fax Number: 239.461.8451 | School Email: LVS@LeeSchools.net


Name Title Phone Number Email
Al Shiling Principal 239-337-8603 Email
Meredith Berry, Ed.S. Assistant Principal 239-337-8681 Email
Dr. Martha Iovine  Assistant Principal 239-337-1484 Email

Office Staff

Name Title Phone Number Email
Cynthia Vasquez Secretary to the Principal 239-337-8371 Email
Jennifer Ballard (Kyle) Social Worker 239-337-8681 Email
Rosemarie "Ro" Bobbs School Secretary 239-939-6856 Email
Ajamu "AJ" King Tech Support Specialist 239-461-8492 Email
Sheridan Locicero H.E.P. Social Worker 239-961-7408 Email
Eric J. Metzner, M.S.Ed. Instructional Technology Specialist | Webmaster 239-337-8398 Email
Dan Riley Testing Coordinator 239-939-6825 Email
Dawn Robertson-Andre H.E.P. Secretary 239-337-8259 Email
Rosa "Flo" Rodriguez Clerk Typist - Main Office 239-337-8178 Email
Yolanda "Yo" Rodriguez Information Specialist 239-461-8495 Email


Name Title Phone Number Email
Maria Baker School Counselor 239-461-8493 Email
Meredith Berry, Ed.S. School Counselor 239-337-8681 Email


Grades KG - 5th

Name Title Phone Number Email
Feroza Yassen-Appadoo Kindergarten 239-266-1849 Email
Tricia Gatewood 1st Grade 239-357-7602 Email
Karla Avery 2nd Grade 239-281-4712 Email
Starla Kennelly 3rd Grade 239-628-5619 Email
Monica Downey 4th Grade 239-822-0318 Email
Joanne Carter 5th Grade 239-633-8182 Email
Amanda Schumbacker 5th Grade 239-270-8754 Email

Grades 6th - 12th

Name Title Phone Number Email
Meagan Ausman Teacher, Elective 239-823-2565 Email
Danielle Bailey Teacher, Elective 239-600-2692 Email
Kim Bonadies Teacher, ELA 239-357-5471 Email
Peggy Bos Teacher, Reading 239-707-0918 Email
Brittany Brooks Teacher, Science 239-357-2709 Email
Jim Bruni Teacher, PE/Health 239-357-8038 Email
Robert Daniels Teacher, Social Studies/Science 239-357-5423 Email
Kathy DellaBella Teacher, Driver's Ed/Elective 239-823-8501 Email
Dana Estes Teacher, Math/Elective 239-791-9347 Email
Arnell Fleurelus Teacher, Math 239-281-6169 Email
William Guarno Teacher, Science 239-357-8103 Email
Tara Guzman Teacher, Social Studies 239-628-5551 Email
Sharon Harrington Teacher, Science 239-888-3326 Email
Carla Kovarik Teacher, HOPE/PE 239-281-2710 Email
Amanda Kraus Teacher, Social Studies 239-710-2607 Email
Christina Krause Teacher, ELA 239-826-9984 Email
Jessica Lawrence Teacher, ELA 239-628-5362 Email
Dr. Elijah Lefkowitz Teacher, Science 239-826-0464 Email
Edward McKinley Teacher, Driver's Ed/Elective 239-822-9725 Email
Ken McNew Teacher, Elective 239-823-3351 Email
Faneromeni Miller Teacher, ELA 239-628-5301 Email
Ana Morera Teacher, Math 239-357-8081 Email
Sean O'Grady Teacher, Social Studies 239-357-8013 Email
Ihsan Orem Teacher, Health 239-357-5440 Email
Kristin Pankey Teacher, Science 239-296-6972 Email
Jennifer Prieto Teacher, Social Studies 239-826-2035 Email
Diana Santiago Teacher, Spanish 239-357-5447 Email
Lyndsey Scribner Teacher, Spanish 239-822-4170 Email
Marilyn Skolnick Teacher, Math 239-771-5213 Email
Candace Stevens Teacher, Math 239-281-5073 Email
Sally Thume Teacher, Math 239-834-0580 Email
Alesha VanDevender Teacher, Elective 239-839-7294 Email
JoAnne Weiner Teacher, Spanish 239-628-2135 Email

Multiple Grades Specialty and Support

Name Title Phone Number Email
Analee Moore Teacher, ESE 239-823-8065 Email
Lori Ramsey Teacher, Literacy Coach/Testing Assistant 239-288-9049 Email
Wendi Wilson Teacher, ESE 239-266-1848 Email
TBA Teacher, ESE 239-337-8178 Email
TBA Teacher, Gifted 239-337-8178 Email
TBA Speech Pathologist 239-337-8178 Email
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