Chromebook Repairs

If Your Chromebook...


If your Chromebook is not functioning properly or is physically damaged, please:

  1. Notify the LVS Technology Department by calling 239.337.8178 to see if you can get assistance.
  2. If broken parts (like the screen is broken, keys will not stay on, the case is opened and will not close, etc), then please take the device, the charger, and the case to the LVS offices located at the LCSD main building located at 2855 Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL 33966 at the EAST entrance for LVS.
  3. Remember that you and your family are still responsible for the device's needed repairs or replacement costs. We may exchange your broken device with a working device, however you will be assessed the needed costs associated with repairs, replacement of missing accessories, as well as the newly acquired exchanged device and accessories. This includes prior school year use of hotspot devices, chargers for them, id cards, and the box (when provided). If we find any parts missing or replaced with non-school issued items, then the family will still be responsible for and will be charged for such missing items. Lost or Stolen

The student and respective family are responsible for the security and care of your district-issued Chromebook. You will be responsible to reimburse the school/LCSD for a lost or stolen Chromebook and/or any of the peripherals and accessories provided for student use in learning. There was also a separate hotspot device that allows for Internet service in locations where such service is not available. The hotspot device was a special and separate device that has a cost ($85) associated with it, as well. The same responsibilities by student and families apply to this device where and if the family has requested the use of a hotspot. Note: LVS no longer issues hotspot devices.

Lost/Stolen Device Procedure:

  1. Report the missing device to the LVS offices at 239.337.8178 immediately.
  2. Stolen Chromebook, peripherals, and/or accessories require a signed police report with device serial number to be provided to the school. If no report is provided, then the device, et al, will be marked as "lost" and the family will be held responsible to pay for the costs associated with replacement.
  3. Please visit the LVS offices located at the LCSD main building located at 2855 Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL 33966 at the EAST entrance for LVS in order to obtain a replacement device. Remember that if provided a replacement device (and applicable accessories), then the student and family will also be responsible for the replacement device (and applicable accessories).
  4. We will ask you to please login with your district account and allow the apps and data to synchronize to the replacement device and to ensure that all work as expected.
  5. LVS may later contact you via email, phone, text, and/or other communication to arrange for you to pay for the lost/stolen device and/or any accessories; this would also include hotspot if also lost. (please see costs below). Again, costs associated with a lost/stolen asset are the responsibility of the student's family.

*Costs of Replacements

The Technology Department of LVS is responsible for the proper support of acceptable use of all district-owned and LVS issued student-assigned components of the complete Chromebook Package (CBP). The listed components of the CBP are the current costs and are considered "replacement fees" for each of the items listed below at the following rates [current costs per LCSD policies regarding the components listed]:

  1. Chromebook (with LCSD badging/etching/labeling) - $358.40
  2. OEM Power Supply - $36.00
  3. Brand name Sleeve/Case - $17.00
  4. Hotspot (with charger, card, and proper labeling with box) - $85.00

If any of the items are physically damaged, or if we find a non-acceptable non-school issued item, you will be assessed the appropriate replacement fee(s) as such repairs may be successfully completed at the repair location within the district building; most repairs are not covered by existing warranties (by the manufacturer - which typically includes only device malfunctions not caused by user actions).
Please remember that there are many "user accidents" which are not covered by any of the warranties. The proper repair location representatives and technicians will assess and, if required, will complete repairs and provide to LVS the appropriate costs associated with such repair(s) --- those repair costs will then be notated in the student's account for payment from the student/family.

For more details about any possible replacement or repair assessments that you may have on your student's account, please contact the LVS offices either by email at [email protected] or by phone at 239.337.8178. One of the LVS technology specialists will review your account with you as needed per your request. It is the student's family's responsibility to contact the school when there have been any repairs or replacements of school-issued devices in order to ascertain the associated costs.

**General and "normal wear and tear" of devices are not considered malicious nor intentional damage and, thus, may not have any repair fees associated with them. Accidental damages that require specialized attention and part(s) replacements will, however, be charged to the student account. This includes repairs needing to be made due to mistreatment or lack of care of the device and/or accessories. LCSD and LVS will make an attempt to notify families about any assessed fees associated with repair or replacement costs as the need arises. Again, it is the student's family's responsibility to gather the associated cost information.

Further note that any and all repair/replacement fees must be paid prior to that student's graduation year. Please make arrangements to verify that the student's account is cleared of all fees prior to graduation.

Please also note that if payment is presented in cash that exact change is required. We do not have the ability to offer change. Checks are acceptable and may be made out to Lee Virtual School.


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