Grades 6-12 Enrollment

Lee Virtual School Secondary: Grades 6-12 Enrollment

Lee Virtual School’s full-time secondary enrollment offers a comprehensive, dynamic learning experience based on flexibility.  All courses require students to complete a large amount of reading and writing in order to be successful in their courses.  Our middle and high school students take six courses per semester and must participate in required state testing.  Students must earn required credits and attend testing to move to high school and to earn a high school diploma. 

Parents play an important role by ensuring their child stays on pace, works on assignments daily, and attends live lessons.  Parents also MUST help their student create weekly schedules based on the course pacing charts and monitor their student’s completion weekly.  This helps keep students focused, on pace, and creates the environment for student success.

All of the classes at LVS are taught by Florida certified teachers located locally to allow for in person opportunities.  Our teachers are dedicated to providing one support to both you and your student.  Teachers communicate by personal phone calls, emails, and texting.  Parents should expect for a typical week to include:

·         5 - 6 hours of student work time daily

·         2 - 3 assignments per course due per week (Student has 6 courses.)

·         Live lessons with the teacher (parents may attend)

·         Videos, reading and completing interactive lessons

·         Written work by the student

·         Discussion based assessments with the teacher. (required to pass courses)

When you enroll at LVS, you and your child are part of a learning community.  Guidance counselors, ESE teachers, and academic coaches are also available to meet the needs of your student.  Students also have the opportunity to work ahead and graduate early if desired.  High school students also have the opportunity to participate in a dual enrollment program with local colleges and universities if they meet the requirements, earning college credits while in high school.

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