Chromebook Care

Chromebook Care

Your Chromebook is a durable device. It is designed specifically for student use that features rubberized edges for shock resistance, a reinforced frame, and a spill-resistant (NOT waterproof) keyboard. Even with these features, you must take good care of the device. The device is your responsibility and any damage(s) to the device while in your care are your responsibility; even if LVS offers to exchange any of the devices or accessories for you to continue working throughout the year. Before, at, or near the final weeks of the school year, the LVS Technology Department will work to provide families with notification(s) of Chromebook and technology events at the district building. Please be diligent in knowing if you owe any pending fees or fines. You may call the school to request any balance that you may have. Also, please do not rely on the school notifying you if you know or believe that you may have pending fees for technology/devices/repairs.

Cleaning Your Chromebook

Keep your Chromebook clean and free from debris. Your Chromebook will get dirty from normal daily coursework use. Use a lightly moistened/damp cloth to wipe it down carefully; please do not use chemical cleaners nor spray cleaners. It is better to use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the screen. Again, please avoid chemical cleaners as they may damage the screen or plastic. A soft brush may be useful in cleaning out any debris that may have fallen into the openings around the keys. Please be extra careful if using a very soft-bristled brush on any part of the device.

Charging Your Chromebook

Only use the power supply cable provided with your Chromebook or purchased from your school directly to charge your Chromebook. If you need another charger, then please contact LVS to arrange to purchase another charger. Do not purchase any aftermarket charger as they are not approved for use and you will still be responsible for replacement of an approved charger. Furthermore, be sure to charge it in a place where someone is not likely to trip over the cord or cause the device to be pulled to the ground.

Use the protective sleeve for portability

Keep your Chromebook in its protective sleeve when not being used nor when charging. If you carry a backpack or bookbag, we have found that the sleeve with the device inside should fit into the bag nicely. When you are done using the Chromebook, simply slip it back into the sleeve and zip it closed.

IMPORTANT: Do not keep your Chromebook in the sleeve while it is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Protect Our District Asset Tags

Chromebooks may have one or two School District asset tags and also one or more manufacturerā€™s labels. Please leave each and all of these the labels intact, legible, and visible; do not peel them off. These allow LVS and LCSD professionals to more vitally assist families and students when any interactions are needed for check-outs, check-ins, inspections, exchanges, repairs, or any other needed actions.

Put Your Name on Your Chromebook

All of our devices look very similar; and some look exactly the same. You may add a small label, painter's blue tape is recommended, with your name on the bottom, top, a side of the palm rest, or even just above the keyboard itself... of your Chromebook (like a label that may be easily removed to help identify that you are the authorized user) so you can quickly identify your device. Other than your name label, your Chromebook should be free of any writing, drawing, visible scratch marks to indicate name, and/or other stickers. Again, please only affix your special small sticker on a part of the Chromebook device where it is visible and is also easily removed without leaving paper nor adhesive behind.

Keep Food & Drinks Away

Spilling food or drink inside of the device can cause the device to malfunction and even ultimately ruin the device. Keep food and drinks away while your Chromebook is out. Remember, this asset is your responsibility.


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