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Creating a Parent Account in VSA

  1. Go to http://vsa.flvs.net or via LVS.Leeschools.net
    1. Parents with existing accounts may login here.
    2. Parents who need an account should follow the steps below FIRST.
  2. Click on top right where it says "New Parents/Guardians". 
  3. On the next screen (External P/G Account), answer "No" as you do not yet have username nor password yet.
  4. On the next screen (Monitor you child's progress), you will enter YOUR CHILD'S VSA USERNAME and PASSWORD.*note: student and family must have attended the LVS orientation prior to accessing VSA
  5. On the next screen (P/G Selection), enter your information and await the email from the system with your confirmed information.
  6. Once you have your information confirmed in the system, go back to the MAIN VSA PAGE at http://vsa.flvs.net
  7. NOW on this screen, you may enter YOUR PARENT USERNAME and PARENT PASSWORD, and click on the LOGIN button.
  8. Please know that passwords can be reset, but the process is a bit challenging. You will have to either call the LVS offices in Fort Myers, you call the FLVS Support Center at 1-800-374-1430, or you may contact FLVS to have your password reset. If you contact LVS directly, then we will assist you by gaining a temporary (random) password from FLVS that only lasts a few hours. We will give you that information in an email directly to your LCSD email account (the [email protected] email account) and you must then access your VSA account with that temporary password in order to then update to a new password of your choice. This takes a bit of time, so please be aware of this prior to having to reset this VSA/FLVS password.
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