Using the Chromebook

Using Your Chromebook

Charged upEnsure that Your Chromebook is Charged

Part of being prepared for online coursework includes having a well-charged Chromebook. If you forget to charge your Chromebook, please have your charger nearby so that you may continue to access your coursework. Also, you may choose to find another way to access your work; i.e., using a tablet computer or a parent's' personal computer. However, we at LVS strongly recommend you only complete your coursework by use of the school-issued Chromebook.

Use Your Chromebook Appropriately

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Your district/school-issued Chromebook is meant for students and their families-as-support to access and complete coursework and to monitor their academic progress. Please refer to our "LOGIN INFORMATION" PAGE for step-by-step guidance to login to your device. There are times when even live course/teacher sessions will be needed to promote such academic success. The needed software and extensions for the Internet browser, Google Chrome, are also provided by the district and the school. Most of those needed applications are found in the very first Chrome tab that opens upon a student signing into the device; aka, the Launchpad.

Be Polite and Communicate Appropriately

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Students are expected to utilize the features of the Chromebook in a manner that is conducive to a successful learning environment. Emails, direct messages, and other forms of communications managed via use of the Chromebook are expected to be of an academic and positive demeanor and intent. Of course, light-hearted banter can occur, but at no time should there be inappropriate communications or use of the assets.


Using Outside of School

Your Chromebook can be used anywhere you like. Please note that this device and accessories are not meant for travel outside of our county and its use should be mandated to the student's home and school. Most of your documents are "cloud-based" and are usually found in your Google Drive account. The documents may also be downloaded onto your device so that you can work on them without Internet access, when needed. Most of the coursework for FLVS/LVS is accessible and manageable via the Internet online in your respective VSA/Educator account.

Safe Internet Browsing

Surf SafelyYour Chromebook is configured for safe Internet browsing. We at LCSD and LVS do our best to filter inappropriate content, even when you are not online at a school or the district offices network. However, please know and be fully aware that no filtering system is perfect, and we strongly urge parents to please supervise their child's/children's academic and really ANY of their online browsing activities. Students should also note that you must still follow The School District of Lee County's Acceptable Use Policy no matter where or how your Chromebook is used.


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