Login Information

Logging on to your Chromebook

  1. Open the Chromebook cover and wait for it to turn on
  2. A small window shows email field (_____@students.leeschools.net)
  3. Enter the student’s username (2 letters, 5 numbers), then click NEXT
  4. Enter password (the student's 8-digit ID number) on next screen; then click NEXT
  5. You will see "Let's get started!" or several TABS will open
  6. This means that you have signed into the Chromebook successfully!

Logging into VSA

  1. Go to http://vsa.flvs.net
  2. Enter the student’s VSA username and VSA password as given in the follow-up email from the Lee Virtual School Orientation*note: student and family must have attended the LVS orientation prior to accessing VSA
  3. On the next screen, enter the existing password then enter A NEW PASSWORD; twice.  (HINT: The new password must be high security with at least one capital letter, a lower case letter, numbers, and 1 special character.)
  4. Write down YOUR NEW PASSWORD and store in a secure location; or EVEN BETTER: memorize it!
  5. Please know that passwords can be reset, but the process is a bit challenging. You will have to either call the LVS offices in Fort Myers, you call the FLVS Support Center at 1-800-374-1430, or you may contact FLVS to have your password reset. If you contact LVS directly, then we will assist you by gaining a temporary (random) password from FLVS that only lasts a few hours. We will give you that information in an email directly to your LCSD email account (the UserID@Students.LeeSchools.net email account) and you must then access your VSA account with that temporary password in order to then update to a new password of your choice. This takes a bit of time, so please be aware of this prior to having to reset this VSA/FLVS password.

New FLVS/LVS Accounts

  1. LVS created your student’s account and enrolled your student into the necessary courses.
  2. Follow-Up to Lee Virtual School Orientation message has been emailed which provides your student’s login information (username & password).
  3. Review your parent and student email addresses (the LCSD Gmail of UserID@Students.LeeSchools.net district email account; assigned to all LCSD students including from previous school).
  4. Please also check the “Junk” section of your email.

Existing FLVS/LVS Accounts

  1. Your student already has an FLVS account.
  2. Follow-Up to Lee Virtual School Orientation message has been emailed which provides your student’s login information (username).
  3. Review your parent and student email addresses (including the UserID@students.leeschools.net district email).
  4. Check the “Junk” section of your email, just in case.

Password has been changed but it does not seem to be working

  1. The new password may have worked, do not attempt to reset.  Instead try the following:
    • Close Chrome
    • Clear the computer’s cache (in the Google Chrome browser, click the 3 dots on the top right of window, then choose "More tools..." and then "Clear browsing data...")
    • Once cache is cleared, shut-down and restart the computer
  2. Return to https://vsa.flvs.net and attempt to log into the account with the updated password. 

Tried everything above and the password is still not working

  1. Provide LVS with your contact information so support can be offered:
    • Contact the main LVS office at 239-337-8178 for technology support
    • Don’t wish to call, then you may get online support by:
      • Going to our online support form located at "LVS Help & Comments"
      • Complete the Google Form including the student’s name and contact information so that LVS may reach out to you to offer technical support. This may take 24-48 hours, so please know that you may call the offices for quicker support response.
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