Keep CB Updated

If you are ever experiencing issues, then try checking to ensure that your device has the latest update in your settings. Student MUST be signed into the device to perform this update:

Note: To perform the update, students should have the most current Chromebook model 3100. We have been distributing the model 3100 to students since last school year. Those students with the older "Chromebook 11 3180" or "Chromebook 3120" should make arrangements to exchange those by coming to the LVS offices. The model number appears printed on the bottom center of the device for a quick reference.

1. Click the time in the lower right of your screen

Chromebook Screen showing time menu

2. Click the Settings key (looks like a gear)

Chromebook Screen showing settings

3. Click on "About Chrome OS" on the bottom left menu

Chromebook Screen showing AboutOS menu

4. Click "Check for updates"

Chromebook Screen showing UpdateOS

5. If an update is available, it will download for you

6. Restart Chromebook once the update finishes downloading

Chromebook Screen showing RestartOS

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