Returning a Chromebook

Chromebooks at LVS


What is the Return Process?

All of our LVS students are to visit the LVS offices' location at 2855 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, FL, 33966 at the EAST entrance to return all devices to the LVS office. We also have annual Chromebook return events planned and announced when we will have stations/tables set up just inside the public entrance at the EAST ENTRANCE in the tiled area. Please enter from the far right side to initially have your Chromebook scanned and checked that it is working.

To return the Chromebook Package during our return event, please ensure that:

  • The Chromebook is charged enough to be powered ON with the screen ON
    • The device should show that it is working and screen is free from cracks/errors
    • The device is expected to be in good working order with all parts
    • The power supply and the case/sleeve are to also be included
    Student/Family should be prepared to present the Chromebook and all accessories
  • Once the Chromebook is scanned into our system, proceed to next table/station
    • There we will check your student account for any owed fines or fees
    • If none, then you are free to leave the check-in area (no invoices needed)
    • If there are fees/fines, an invoice will be shown and payment should be made
    • Once payment is complete, then a written or printed receipt will be provided and you may then leave the area
  • If you are a LVS Summer student, you may go to the 3rd station/table
    • There you may check out an updated Chromebook Package
    • This CBP will contain: Chromebook, power supply, and case/sleeve
      • Note - You must be a confirmed LVS summer student to do this part
  • Once you have completed your return (and checkout, if summer student), you may leave
  • Please review the prior year's Chromebook flyer for more details


Returning the Chromebook...

The Components

Students typically return their assigned Chromebook Package (CBP) near or at the end of each school year; or when transferring out of LVS. The Chromebook Package (CBP) from LCSD/LVS consists of the following components:

  1. The Chromebook (laptop) device
  2. The proper OEM power Supply (typically in 2 parts)
  3. A proper Sleeve/Case for use in transporting the device and charger

Students and their families who requested and were assigned a hotspot device for Internet service would also return the hotspot device; along with that devices' ID stickers attached on the bottom, any service ID cards, charger, and box (if still intact). Chromebook components, hotspots, and their accessories must be in good working order and free from physical damage(s). If you are missing any part of the Chromebook package (listed below) or the hotspot, then you will be assessed replacement fees for the items missing at the following rates [current costs per LCSD policies]:

  1. Chromebook - $300.75
  2. Power Supply - $38.50
  3. Sleeve/Case - $18.00
  4. Hotspot - $85.00

To return devices, please visit us at the LVS offices via the district building's EAST entrance:

  1. Our LVS offices are located at the Lee County School District's building located at 2855 Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL 33966 at the EAST entrance for LVS.
  2. Remember that you and your family are still responsible for any of the device's' needed repairs or replacement costs; whereas applies per each student's/family's individual situation. We will provide associated costs, if know at the time of return, for missing devices and/or parts. Repairs, however, will be assessed by the district's repair location on-site and they will assess any costs associated with repairs to devices and accessories,. This also includes hotspot devices, chargers for them, and any associated items provided by the school district for student use.

**General and normal wear and tear are NOT considered malicious nor intentional damage. Accidental damages, however, may still be charged to the student and their families on an individual basis. All fees, repair costs, replacement costs must be paid by the the associated student/family prior to graduation year.


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