LVS Dual Enrollment

 LVS Dual Enrollment






The Dual Enrollment Process

  1. Communicate with the school counselor to discuss the the process and qualifications including 

    1. Students through 10th grade need a 3.5 unweighted GPA 

    2. Students 11th and 12th need a 3.0 unweighted GPA

  2. Apply to FSW Via the FSW dual enrollment application page

  3. Qualify for Dual Enrollment at FSW using SAT or ACT scores currently completed

    1. If you have the SAT/or ACT scores please make sure to let the counselor know so they can submit a testing Docusign form to FSW. 

    2. If you need to test you can either 

      1. Students can set up a Zoom appointment to take the test virtually

      2.  they can schedule to test at an FSW Testing Center by registering via the following link--

  4. Once all criteria have been met the counselor and the student will review credits and select classes. 

  5. The student needs to attend and view the required information from FSW. found at the following link:

  6. Student will review the upcoming schedule for courses and select an appropriate course and corresponding CRN from

  7. Student completes the Docusign form using the counselor's school email and ensuring the class and correct and alt CRN are listed. 

  8. Counselor will complete the CRN and return via Docusign 

  9. Students need to regularly check the schedule on the portal to ensure the docusign has been completed and no problems arose. If the student does not see the courses in the portal they should contact the school counselor to ensure that the process is complete on all ends. 

  10. ****** Dual enrollment is a college experience and therefore the student is considered a college student and is responsible to ensure processes are complete and schedules are correct. *********

D.E. Eligibility Scores






Next-Generation ACCUPLACER


English Composition I

103 - Writing

106 - Reading

17 - English

19 - Reading

24 - Reading

25 - Writing & Language Test

83 - Reading Comprehension

83 - Sentence Skills

245 - Reading

245 - Writing


Intermediate Algebra

114 - Math

19 - Math

24 - Math

72 - Elementary Algebra

242 - Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics



Math for Liberal Arts I

Math for Liberal Arts II

Mathematics for Teachers

123 - Math

23 - Math

28.5 - Math

90 - Elementary Algebra

263 - Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics

MAC1105 or STA2023

College Algebra


123 - Math

23 - Math

28.5 - Math

90 - Elementary Algebra

263 - Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics


Combined College Algebra/Pre-Calculus

135 - Math

25 - Math

29 - Math

109 - Elementary Algebra

270 - Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics

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