Hotspot Request

If Your Student Has a Need

You may submit a paper request for the student to use an Internet Service Device called a "hotspot" from the school for academic purposes. You must complete the form at the top of this page by printing it, completing all areas, and sending/bringing it to the LVS offices. Administration must approve the request and, if approved, we will contact the family by phone after such approval.


The family must agree with all of the below (as included on the form):


☑️  I am requesting the use of one (1) mobile hotspot device for school use during the school year written on the request and agreement. I will, upon approval of the request, acknowledge receipt of and accept personal financial responsibility for the equipment requested and I will take all precautions in the use of this equipment during the time it is removed from district premises and in my care. Also, I will return the hotspot and all accessories upon the completion of my need to use the device; even if before the end of this school year. 

☑️  I understand that this equipment may only be removed from a District facility with the permission of the Principal or Principal Designee listed on the form. I further understand that this equipment must be returned in good order, with all accessories, and in good condition by the end of the current school year to fulfill the student’s request for such equipment for use in virtual school student responsibilities only.

☑️  I acknowledge that I meet one or more of these acceptable reasons for use of a school hotspot that currently prevent me (student) from reasonable and expected access to my coursework:

  • Financial hardship (must be supported by our School Social Worker directly)
  • Lack of Internet access for the foreseeable future (and/or due to storm damage)
  • Special Administrative permission
  • AND you must have power

☑️  I will notify school personnel immediately within 48 hours should the equipment be damaged, lost, or stolen while in my possession. Damaged equipment should  be returned to the Principal/Designee. Stolen equipment may be reported immediately to appropriate law enforcement officials and a copy of the report will be forwarded to the Principal/Designee within 48 hours. I agree that I am financially responsible for lost and/or damaged equipment. (Hotspot: $85.00)

☑️  I give permission for the School District of Lee County to present the cost of repairing or replacing the device (district property) if the need for repair or replacement is caused by my conduct. I further understand that no other devices are to be used in connection with the hotspot - that only the school-issued Chromebook or home computer used only for schoolwork is to be connected. I understand that if I do not comply with the above conditions of the agreement, I may forfeit my right to take any equipment from the School District of Lee County in the future.

The request and agreement is only for the temporary use of a hotspot device for the current school year.

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