Hotspot Use

What is a Hotspot Device?

The Mobile Hotspot WiFi Router DeviceThe device helps to bring Internet Service to your home in accordance with district device use policies. This is intended to be a temporary resolution when a student does not have Internet service within their home. Students with a need for Internet service may request the use of one of these devices for the sole purpose to allow access to the Internet for the enrolled student to conduct their schoolwork in accordance with the district's Acceptable Use Policy. It is expected that only a school-issued Chromebook, or home computer used only for school work, is to be connected to the device. Any other connection is not authorized by the school district. The device is made available to eligible students at no cost to them. Please visit the school to inquire about your student's need and to complete a request form for possible approval.

What is the Data Limit/Usage Limit?

WiFi symbolThere is a set data limit of 20GBs per month/cycle.

This amount is more than sufficient for students to access and work on their academic tasks, assignments, exams, and other academic actions. It is expected that THE SOLE USE OF THIS DEVICE IS FOR SCHOOL WORK BY THE ASSIGNED STUDENT in accordance with district device use policy.

This limit is set by the school district and CANNOT be refreshed early nor reset. What this means is that, once a student uses up to the limit shown on the screen of the device, the device will no longer provide Internet access until the monthly date shown. Please plan accordingly and look to monitor this data limit on the device.

Only school-issued device, i.e. the school-issued Chromebook, is to be connected to this hotspot for Internet access. Families are reminded NOT to connect personal devices to this school device.

How to Use the Hotspot

Overview map of the hotspot device and parts

  1. The Power/Menu button - Depress the button for 3-seconds to power on or power off the device. Single fast press to scroll through the multiple screen displays
  2. The Display - Provides information on the functions of the device.
  3. Micro USB charging - use this port to connect the charger
  4. Back Cover Notch - Used to access the battery located under the back cover
  5. Reset Button - Please do not touch as it will disable the device
  6. SIM Card stopper - Please do not touch as this may disable the device
  7. Battery Contact - Where the battery surface touches to charge. Please do not remove the battery
  8. SIM Card Slot - The space for the district-issued SIM Card. Please do not touch.

Once the device is powered on, the student/user may depress the Menu Button to have the display show the information necessary to use. The screens are as follows:

  1. Main display - Shows the carrier, T-Mobile, the connection strength, data transfer, and battery status
  2. Data Use display - The amount of data used and remaining and the cycle date for refreshing of limit
  3. Device Name display - This is the name of this device and will show in your Chromebook's WiFi listing
  4. Password display - This is the password needed to be input on your Chromebook to use the WiFi
  5. Settings & Info display - The website to visit for more details about the device
How to use the multi-function button on the hotspot device

Hotspot Current Coverage Map (Interactive)